About Us


An eye for details. A love for entertaining. A passion for planning and a heart for caring TaQuita Townsend stands as the principle owner of Darling Divas.   She has spent the last six years evangelizing the kid’s spa industry. Darling Divas is not just for entertaining it’s am experience for empowering, embracing, encouraging, and educating. 

TaQuita also holds the title of a  Family Nurse Practitioner with many years in the healthcare industry.  She currently has experience in cardiovascular, medical-surgical, psychotherapy, pediatrics, progressive care, home health care, and community health. 

Embracing the core values of determined, intelligent, valiant, and achiever, TaQuita consistently strives for excellence. TaQuita is a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She is also a Certified Professional Bridal Consultant/Event Coordinator along with American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider. 


In honor of my mom, my Darling

"Darline Townsley "